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Supplier Collaboration

Working with your suppliers should be a streamlined and collaborative process, after all, you share the same, desired end result. We offer more than just a new approach – we listen and bridge the gap between your needs and the desires of the supplier. Through an intuitive platform, they will be able to view your world through the same lens to improve efficiencies, increase share of wallet, and attract new customers.

Precima can help you achieve

Supplier Collaboration - Achieve

  • Establish a single, intuitive platform with a shared view of data and recommendations
  • Align manufacturer investments with your customer needs
  • Utilize a turn-key solution that simplifies how you work with suppliers

Precima’s approach makes data work for you to achieve mutual benefits from stronger collaboration and better relationships with your suppliers

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Our Solution

Our Supplier Collaboration Solution

  • Strategic partnership building: Strengthen relationships with most important suppliers by focusing valuable resources and time on interpreting insights and determining actions
  • Increased ROI: Drive better results with existing resources to deliver enhanced ROI and capture a larger share of supplier resources to drive greater benefits for shoppers
  • Common data platform: Reduce time and improve productivity by accessing always available data in a central repository, work from a common data set that removes data discrepancies, and make quicker and more effective decisions
  • Turn-key solution: We handle all aspects of supplier collaboration including: set up, deployment, management, training, ongoing support, and enhancements – as well as handling all the administration and financial aspects
  • Dedicated support to realize greater value: We assign a dedicated team to support each retailer’s supplier collaboration program to maximize success

Data-Driven Insights

    • Icon_ShoppingCart
       Establish an always-on, common data platform with shared facts
    • Icon_People
       Build valuable strategic partnerships with your most important suppliers
    • Icon_Bulb
       Deliver increased ROI by growing your business
    • Icon_Coins
       Access dedicated support to realize greater value and maximize success
    • Icon_Magn
       Navigate an easy-to-use online portal customized to your needs

We offer more than just a new approach -
we listen and bridge the gap

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