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Drive future growth

Drive future growth

Focusing on those shoppers who matter most is the key to growing your business. Precima helps you target the categories, store formats and even individual items that will win and retain their loyalty.

At the same time, we provide the compelling data you need to get internal departments collaborating in cross-functional teams. And we help extend that strategy outward, as you collaborate with manufacturers and other partners. The common goal: to develop new ways of engaging shoppers who are critical to all stakeholders’ success.

Create a strategic roadmap by which your enterprise can become more systematically shopper-centric.

Understand your shoppers using the deeper insights generated by Precima’s advanced analytics.

Optimize your strategies and tactics in every area of marketing, merchandising and retail operations.

Precima Insight™

Using our powerful desktop reporting tool, retailers have quickly put insights into action and increased profits by more than $50 million – and counting. Learn More