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Precima applies the insights gained from advanced shopper analytics to help retailers and manufacturers increase sales, boost profits and build long-term loyalty.

As part of the LoyaltyOne group of companies, we’ve been helping consumer-focused clients develop effective shopper-centric strategies since 1991. We can give you a whole new understanding of who your best shoppers are and what they want. And then we show you how to put those insights into action — in more effective pricing, assortment, promotions, merchandising and overall operations management.

At Precima we understand that one-size-fits-all doesn’t really fit anyone. So we tailor our capabilities to fit the resources you can currently commit and the decisions you need to make. We start where you are now and build success on success, steadily broadening our scope as you discover the full potential of shopper-centric insights.

Leadership Team

Precima’s shopper-centric strategies are grounded in rigorous analytical expertise and day-to-day commercial realities. Our team has worked at the front lines of retail and in the consumer packaged goods industry, gathering a wealth of experience in loyalty, analytics, marketing and operations management.

We see each client engagement as an evolving partnership in which the overall goal is to achieve not just tactical wins but long-term strategic gains. Working closely with your in-house team, we systematically test each new initiative until we’ve delivered the results that meet your targets.

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Precima Insight™

Using our powerful desktop reporting tool, retailers have quickly put insights into action and increased profits by more than $50 million – and counting. Learn More