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Targeted Marketing

Customers today interact with brands more than ever before. That’s why we have an insatiable curiosity for understanding your customers. We’re passionate about impacting how they shop, uncovering deep insights behind why they buy, and driving marketing strategies to boost sales and profits. We’re committed to helping you make better decisions, and we deliver on what we promise: proven results.

Precima can help you achieve


  • Understand customer needs, purchase behaviors, life stages, and potential value.
  • Send personalized offers, and efficiently evaluate campaign performance for continual improvement
  • Evalute campaign performance across various campaign and financial metrics, and drill down to understand drivers of performance

Precima’s approach helps you invest your marketing budget in a more effective manner to consistently deliver value for both you and your customers

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Our Solution

Our Targeted Marketing Solution

  • Customer engagement intelligence platform: Fully personalize all communications by segmenting customers with a score based on purchase behaviors, life-stages, lifestyles, and potential value
  • Marketing strategy: Customer-centric marketing strategies based on a deep understanding of individual customer needs to align investments with greatest marketing opportunities
  • Value-maximizing, strategic communications: Consistently deliver major strategic campaigns that reward customers’ loyalty and drive incremental sales through 100% personalized communications
  • Collaboration with manufacturers’ shopper marketing initiatives: Deliver triggered and event-based communications that are timely and relevant using the customer engagement intelligence platform
  • Marketing evaluation and planning: Leverage a central repository of performance across campaigns to determine future marketing plans

Data-Driven Insights

  • Icon_ShoppingCart
     Understand individual shopper needs, potential value by category, and what they respond to
  • Icon_People
     Build offer and content banks by customer
  • Icon_Bulb
     Leverage capabilities to consistently deliver personalized marketing communications
  • Icon_Coins
     Analyze campaign performance to investigate performance metrics and drivers
  • Icon_Magn
     Examine your offers across specific categories, geographies, and customer segments

Reward customer loyalty, drive incremental sales,
and enhance your marketing ROI

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