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Promotion Optimization

Delivering the high-value, customer-centric promotions that your customers are looking for is becoming increasingly difficult. At Precima, our approach optimizes the entire promotional program, freeing up budget, to invest in quality retail promotions. Using deep customer insights, we’re committed to designing a more effective way of optimizing your promotions while providing a clear picture of how they influence your customers.

Precima can help you achieve

Promotion Optimization

  • Design promotion plans that meet customer and category objectives
  • Evaluate past promotion performance to inform future actions
  • Effectively implement promotion decisions by integrating with execution systems

Precima’s approach helps your team free up budgets to invest in quality promotions that will be highly valued by loyalty shoppers and ensure that you consistently meet your strategic, financial and competitive objectives

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Our Solution

Our Promotion Optimization Solution

  • Promotional strategy development: Use deep shopper insights to identify the promotions most valued by your loyal shoppers and establish most effective use of discounts, ad, and display space
  • Promotional effectiveness: Efficiently evaluate the performance of past promotions across a variety of essential metrics to identify winners, losers, and adjustment needs
  • Category plan management: Roll-up individual promotions into an overall category plan and understand the impact on key performance metrics
  • Flyer and display planning: Evaluate promotions that are candidates for ad and display space and make data-driven allocation decisions
  • What-if analyses: Simulate various discount depths, the influence of ad and display support, and the economic impact of various deal terms

Data-Driven Insights

    • Icon_ShoppingCart
      Easily evaluate past promotional performance to identify areas for improvement
    • Icon_People
       Determine appropriate discount depths and how to best use ad and display space
    • Icon_Bulb
       Evaluate individual promotion performance at product, store, and customer hierarchies
    • Icon_Coins
       Incorporate promotion evaluation to enable more constructive vendor negotiations
    • Icon_Magn
       Roll-up individual promotions into quarterly category plans and weekly ad plans

Easily evaluate and analyze past, present,
and future promotion performance

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