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Price Optimization

In retail today, customers are overwhelmed with the variety of products and price points every day. Delivering the ideal set of items at optimized prices to drive customer loyalty is a difficult challenge. With our combination of strategy, analytics, software, and people, we can help solve this challenge. Get the right items in your stores, at the right prices, and you can win over your customers. We can help get you there.

Precima can help you achieve

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  • Determine the right pricing strategy by category and for Key Value Items
  • Identify specific price points to align with customer needs and deliver on your targets
  • Make data-driven price management decisions on a day-to-day basis

Precima’s approach helps you set the right prices for your competitive situation and drive enhanced price perception to win shoppers

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Our Solution

Our Price Optimization Solution

  • Pricing strategy development: Use advanced shopper insights to determine the right pricing strategy for customers and localized competitive situations
  • Price point determination: Effectively implement strategies through comprehensive business rules and objectives to determine price points for every item in each store
  • Pricing for KVIs: Make strategic investments in pricing for Key Value Items to strongly influence general price perception with shoppers and to boost long-term loyalty
  • Competitive price monitoring & indexing: Monitor and manage competitive price indices in an easy-to-use, web-based interface
  • What-if analyses: Gauge the outcome of price and cost adjustments, and determine the likely impact at various levels of store and product hierarchies

Data-Driven Insights

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      Determine right pricing strategy by category and for Key Value Items
    • Icon_People
       Streamline complex pricing decisions with an operational process
    • Icon_Bulb
       Focus on what will have the greatest impact
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       Build shopper loyalty and generate positive price perception
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       Make smarter decisions on a day-to-day basis

Effectively execute, manage, and maintain
prices over the long term

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