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Assortment Optimization

Having the right items on the shelf, not too few, not too many, is becoming an increasingly complex trade-off. To stay on top of what is selling and why, the customer must be the center of all of your strategic retail decisions. Using deep customer insights, our approach minimizes the sales risk when delisting items, frees up space from underperforming items, and helps you consistently hit your targets with the best performing products– giving you the competitive edge.

Precima can help you achieve

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  • Identify categories/items that are important to your most valuable customers
  • Determine the items that have high transferable demand
  • Make low-risk, de-list recommendations

Precima’s approach helps you determine optimal assortment plans to minimize risk to sales and customer loyalty

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Our Solution

Our Assortment Optimization Solution

  • Assortment optimization and localization: Determine optimal localized assortment recommendations at the cluster or individual store level to satisfy local shopper needs
  • Assortment strategy: Evaluate your current assortment performance at multiple levels of the store hierarchy
  • Detailed forecasting: Understand the likely impact of strategic and tactical assortment decisions on volumes, sales, and profitability
  • Advanced assortment analysis: Conduct trial-and-repeat, source of volume, and cross-shop analyses
  • What-if analyses: Simulate and review the impact of potential assortment de-list decisions incorporating demand transfer and halo effects to understand full category impacts

Data-Driven Insights

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      Identify which items are important to your most valuable customers
    • Icon_People
       Provide category management teams full control over final assortment decisions
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       Easily review insights to determine items with least/most transferable demand
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       Access prioritized assortment recommendations in an easy-to-review format
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       Gain insight from cross-shop and trial-and-repeat analyses for products

Streamline your decision-making process
and effectively execute your assortment strategy

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