Category and Shopper Insights

What if all your decision-makers could easily harness the power of your customer data?

Shopper Insights Portal

Unlock Your Data for Use Across Your Organization

Drawing insights from your customer data is the most important part of your loyalty program. But getting those insights into the hands of your decision-makers can be a real challenge. Precima’s Category and Shopper Insights is a scalable, cost-effective, end-to-end dashboard portal that puts the right information at the fingertips of your business decision makers in a timely manner.

Customer Behavior

Focus on the behavior of your most loyal shoppers at a category level or go deeper to the item/store level.

Customer-centric decisions

Improve sales of 1-2% annually by making informed, customer-centric decisions every day.

Why It Works

Retailers know that to remain competitive, they must provide cross-functional teams with the right data and insights to make more consistent, informed, shopper-centric decisions. Precima’s Category and Shopper Insights solution goes deeper than traditional business intelligence tools, enabling business and category reviews, shopper profiling, innovation measurement and tracking, brand interaction and switching, evaluation of marketing activations and more.