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In retailing, decisions have to happen fast. But they also have to be supported by current, reliable information. That’s what Precima Insight™ delivers – the immediate insights you need to quickly plan and execute your next move.

Precima’s unique desktop reporting tool adapts to your decision-making process, generating analytics that are easy to access and intuitively clear. Shopper insights can be customized to your reporting priorities and readily shared with your trade partners. As soon as your team reviewed the latest data analysis, they can quickly operationalize insights and make decisions based on what works with your most important shoppers.

Now you can create quantifiable impact in weeks, not months or years. And you can do it without sending people scrambling for data – the vital shopper information you need is right at everyone’s fingertips.

What’s more, because Precima Insight™ is built on the cost-effective software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, you avoid the high development costs of a proprietary solution. And you can count on regular upgrades of system features and capabilities as we evolve our powerful tool in step with your changing needs.

Precima Insight™
Your Desktop Toolkit

Shopper scorecards

Shopper scorecards show sales and profitability indicators for your highest-value segments, so you can see at a glance if your best shoppers are delivering on their potential.

Pricing recommendations

Pricing recommendations based on best-shopper behaviors help you optimize pricing by category, segment and/or market. Apply low-price strategies only where you need to.

Promotional performance reports

Promotional performance reports show results by category, by segment and even by placement in your latest marketing vehicles – with visual thumbnails for quick reference.

Assortment suggestions

Assortment suggestions identify low-selling items that are still worth keeping in stock for high-value shoppers – so you can leverage those insights in cross-sell opportunities.

Marketing results

Marketing results let your team measure the incremental lift and profitability of campaigns, identifying which messages or offers worked best with key segments.

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