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At Precima, we know from firsthand experience how competitive the retail arena has become. The pressure to perform against targets is constantly rising, and every dollar you invest in marketing and merchandising has to work harder than ever.

That’s why we’ve developed a powerful new way to tackle the realities of retail. Digging deep into the facts of shopper behavior, we shape the insights you need to boost every aspect of retail performance.

And we do it quickly: Precima clients typically begin to see the positive results they’re looking for – with profitability gains of six or seven figures – in a matter of weeks.

By integrating comprehensive fact bases of transactional data, we help you:

  • identify your highest-value shoppers and map out opportunities for future growth
  • significantly improve your marketing and merchandising strategies
  • manage the organizational change that makes growth possible, aligning both internal teams and external partners to meet the needs of your best shoppers.

Our approach has four elements:

Create a strategic roadmap by which your enterprise can become more systematically shopper-centric.

Understand your shoppers using the deeper insights generated by Precima’s advanced analytics.

Optimize your strategies and tactics in every area of marketing, merchandising and retail operations.

Drive future growth by aligning internal teams as well as outside partners to meet the needs of your best shoppers.

Precima Insight™

Using our powerful desktop reporting tool, retailers have quickly put insights into action and increased profits by more than $50 million – and counting. Learn More